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Outils : Sondage à diffuser?

Message par SamuelL le 2016-08-08, 15:11

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On Sunday, July 31, 2016 3:42 PM, Réal Lavergne <reallavergne@yahoo.ca> wrote:

Hi everyone,

We have now finished compiling and writing up a report on the results of applying and testing an electoral reform questionnaire for two halls last Wednesday night at a town hall event featuring ERRE members Elizabeth May and Nathan Cullen.

The results are quite interesting. I encourage everyone to have a look. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1HyPFXIW2FreuM9Z1mlBdi0E9IvUVEMq7Rct7mRmA2kg/edit

I think we can say that this exercise proves the value of using a questionnaire such as this to systematically consult with Canadians while having a way to report back to the ERRE that could be rolled up across the country.

I plan to submit this report to the ERRE, but will need to consult a bit more on Tuesday regarding process. I could not find anything on line that was very definitive about how to go about it.

Drafting a questionnaire like this, that provides useful results and does not prejudge the outcome, is a challenge to be sure, but the work to pretest the instrument has paid off. Thanks to Anita Nickerson, who offered comments, to Robert d'Aoust and Randi Cherry who pretested the questionnaire with friends and neighbours before the event and to everyone who responded to the questionnaire last Wednesday (in bcc). As noted in the report, a number of adjustments have now been made to the questionnaire.

Other changes are liable to be made before our work is done, but this should not stop anyone from using the questionnaire the way it is. It's working! Ideally, respondents should be asked to fill out the questionnaire after they have had time to educate themselves and deliberate. In this case, they filled it in after listening to the speakers and considering a one-page handout on alternative systems to FPTP. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1NVGG42iq00c2obtWWMxWa3zmTZAfAkA5dPtdUbZ0kUA/edit

Technical notes
Note that this questionnaire also exists in a Google Forms format (thanks to Julien Lamarche for that) and all the graphs in the report were automatically generated on an ongoing basis in Google Forms. To take advantage of this feature, all of the data entry has to be done online. We either we got people to respond online in the first place (35 cases) or we collated the results on line ourselves (50 cases). The latter was a bit of work I must admit (3-4 minutes per questionnaire), but one has to collate the results somehow one way or another. Getting the report in the format we wanted was a bit of work too. I used Microsoft's snipping tool and cut-and-pasted each graph into the report that way. We also have an Excel spreadsheet of all the results should anyone ever want to look at the results in more detail.


Réal Lavergne in Ottawa


Hi everyone,

I have created a "Try-out" version of the questionnaire that you can fill in on line and would encourage everyone to try it out and see how you like it. It takes only a few minutes. Comments welcome.

In a subsequent email, I could share the results of the try-out with you so that you can see what the automatically generated results look like in the Google Forms application.

Here is the link to the try-out form corresponding to the questionnaire : https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdc4nJFBrAVAxz_G4P-BJiMASnZCgGwlbuX6Tw_V94XFp35gw/viewform

You'll see that this version of the fill-in form does not ask for anyone's email. This will make it easier to share responses with other people without compromising personal information.

However, it would be possible to have a separate form in which people could say if they want to see the results. Here is a link to such a form (https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeTE8hbTq1ApCJBvJN0ilLT6XAUfBI86-qk3pBT-jdVI_L2kg/viewform) so you can see what it might look like. If you are not a member of the lists used in this email, you might want to fill in the form, so that you are not missed in subsequent messaging. I will check for any responses.

Should anyone wish to create a Google Form questionnaire for a Town Hall at any time, you need only contact me and I will make a copy the master form for you to use, giving you edit rights over that copy. You can then adjust it however you might want to do.

Once any final edits and adjustments are made in response to comments received, we will make a French version of the questionnaire as well.



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