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Message par SamuelL le 2016-09-09, 18:41

Voici des idées de questions pour préparer un dialogue : http://pco.gc.ca/docs/ppts/ertk-2.1.4-questions-e.pdf


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Fair Vote Waterloo's format for weekly dialogues

Message par SamuelL le 2016-09-10, 13:32

Because we are doing this weekly, our numbers are between 5 - 9 people. We have two facilitators so we can divide the group in two smaller groups which allows for everyone's voice to be heard.

Some folks come thinking it is an information session so with two facilitators, one does the Community Dialogue and the other does PR 101 with the information seekers.

When people arrive two tables are set up with:

Clipboard and paper for taking notes
4 pens
4 Community Dialogue question sheets
4 FVC double sided handout "This is the problem" (I think that is what it is called)
4 Guiding Principles from the ERRE
1 Parliamentary Library Backgrounder
4 handouts on upcoming library presentations



Introduction & Orientation

- why we are here, government feedback process, submitting our ideas, values and recommendations to ERRE, we collect the reports and submit them to the committee on behalf of our community.

- explain that each group should work through the questions together, discussing each question.

- each group can decided if they want to submit a group report or individual reports but in either case the core idea is to discuss each question together.

- if they submit a group report, then they will need to appoint a recorder, each name will be on the report and you can only submit a report once.

- most groups have chosen to submit a group report

- often the facilitator becomes the recorder but not always

- it usually takes 1.5 to 2 hours

- people are welcome to take home any of the resources and buttons, the petition, the tabloid & postcards are also available for people to take or sign etc.

Thank you and reminder to attend a library session and now, the Monsef and Kingsley event.

Hope this is of help!

Happy Labour Day,


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